The apps are full of bugs and other various problems

I have in note form (in my mother tongue) written down all of the bugs and problems (this is an umbrella term for various problems and deficiencies): +40.

You guys seriously need to hire some very competent to find these issues before every release. I, as a user, do not have the time to present all of the issues. It’s very time-consuming.

It seems like, no one on the MN team actually uses the apps.

Seems a bit odd to me that you supposedly bothered to write down all those issues and yet have no intention of sharing it.

I’ve raised examples of bugs and seen fixes released within 48 hours.

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Well, the only odd thing is, nevertheless not a surprise, your lack of understanding the message.

You posted a stark set of inferences and accusations. We all got this message loud and clear. The request in return is that you provide objective statements of the issues. As per past history, perhaps it is possible that they can then be addressed.

To be blunt: No one appreciates derogatory rants, let alone when they are followed by ad hominem attacks.


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Delete app restart, then reinstall, this should help.

I agree with you.

But try to think like me:
The time I invest in feedback will make my life easier along the road :slight_smile:

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We’re pretty eager to find any Bugs of latest big version. And released two little patch as 3.4.1 and 3.4.2 within days. Welcome to post them here even in your mother tongue( we read it by google translate).

About the meaning of Version Number:The last digit is patch. The second digit is the big version sign.And big version means new function which perhaps with new bugs. So, sorry for your bad experience.

Next time, we will test the longer time and welcome for bug report which is always in the highest priority to fix in our team.

Kind regards,
Support Team