The limits of MN, automatic Buffer

Have you tried to work with huge workflow on iPad ?
How much cards could you reach ?

I recently combined all of my works into one mind map.

I hadn’t thought MN on iPad Pro 10.5 could make it without fail, I even thought the app would crash all my works so I backed up all of them before combining.

but now (with little lags) I am trying to work with 7000 pages with almost 35000 cards same time :smiley::smiley::smiley:

It’s great study app, I appreciate team and @admin

The problem is I need to clear buffer everytime I close the app, because after work the space of app in memory increase dramatically.

I wish the automatic clear buffer everytime I close to work.

Hi, theoretically Marginnote’s data processing power is determined by the capabilities of your machine, and the largest sample of users we’ve come across so far is 100,000 cards.