The Relationship Between Document, Notebook and MindMap Notebook

  1. Once you start making excerpts and annotations in the document in Document Module, a Notebook of this document is created automatically. Of course, you can create a Notebook manually by tapping New Notebook. And If you upgrade a notebook to MindMap Notebook, the status of the layer will change at the same time. Therefore, multiple Notebooks and MindMap Notebooks can be attached to one document, just as a person owns many pieces of clothes and chooses to put on a different one on each day of the week.

  2. You can create a MindMap Notebook from a document without any excerpts or annotations, omitting the step to upgrade from Notebook to MindMap Notebook. Additionally, multiple documents can be added to a MindMap Notebook for topic learning, just as the combination of different ingredients makes an excellent dish.

  3. Now you can understand that all the excerpts and annotations exist in the Notebooks and MindMap Notebooks. A Notebook turns into a MindMap Notebook with the addition of a structured mindmap. They are both the containers of your notes. If you open different Notebooks or MindMap Notebooks to make notes on the same document, your excerpts and annotations are bound to be scattered across those related Notebooks and MindMap Notebooks.

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