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And, at the same time, the evolution of the democratization of knowledge Whatsapp mobile number list, which is increasingly more horizontal, a legacy of society 2.0. From society What is a knowmad In this new society, trying to globalize and interact, the concept of hierarchy has been broken. And it is in this context that the Knowmad is developed. Companies, knowmads and digital marketing In this new society that is the current one, simply, some people and companies already work like this and others are adapting, it is not uncommon to find workers from different disciplines talking. And what’s more, you don’t need a physical space. Just be connected Whatsapp mobile number list.

What happens when Whatsapp mobile number list different disciplines talk? Who create and innovate. And this is the context in which we find ourselves: in a context full of knowledge workers who do not stop generating value for companies and, of course, for society. I have already written on some other occasion about the characteristics of knowmads but suffice it to say that they are creative, flexible and very digital to understand their essence. Therefore, they marry perfectly with any topic related to online marketing. Take a walk on the Internet, the sector is full of knowledge nomads: SEO specialists, copywriters, content managers, programmers, designers Whatsapp mobile number list.

They are professionals who know their value and provide qualified solutions to companies that need their knowledge Whatsapp mobile number list. The cheaper technologies and the possibility of setting up businesses through the Internet with relative ease make the figure of this reconverted freelance viable and necessary (since a new business could never pay for the services of a traditional agency). The new companies prefer it and the knowmad too, since it is not tied to any contract or to any space. If in the year 2020 90% of the world’s population will be connected to the Internet, the employability rate of this type of worker will skyrocket and more, in everything related to online Whatsapp mobile number list.