Things we need for convenience #users

  1. Drag and drop picture
  2. change the word “research” with magnifying glass icon with globe - this will save space in the pop up tool
  3. Add a search button for documents in pop up tool “so i wont copy pastE and search my documents in the notebook i created” - make an icon like “magnifying glass with document”
  4. I want to add documents that i can excerpt not pictures alone.pdf from other files
  5. Let us customize our own pop up tools from excerpt. Im not fun of using export option its just a useless tool for me but significant for others . Its just bothering me
  6. Universal search in all documents not just the tittle of the pdf - put this in the home
  7. Add double tappings On the spaces - this will automatically change my current hand tool to a previously used tool (eg. laso)
  8. Im sending bunch of files but u dont have options for that


Search button for all the note book documents

Approved!! The pop up tool customizable are of EXTREME importance!

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