Timer on the toolbar to track time spend on each doc

Timer on the toolbar to track time spend on each project. It would be great feature !


It would be awesome if when you hit play button the app start tracking the time you spend on each page of the pdf, so could be generated a report of the pages that took long to read/review.
Classifying by the document too.
Thank you for all, the app is already great!

Hello, jbedel. Have you tried some tomato clock applications? Some applications do a great job with GTD, such as omnifocus and things, and by complementing these applications, you can achieve comprehensive and detailed management of your projects.


I think it’s important not to stuff Marginnote with too many features…

I agree too, just sharing the idea that it could be done with the Toggl API.

Thank you for all

The good news is that we’ve opened up the JS interface, and if you know a bit about javascript, perhaps you can write a time recording related plugin yourself, very much looking forward to seeing how this progresses.


Where do I find more about this new JS Interface?

Sounds veeeery intersting

:grinning:You can find all the javascript plugins for marginnote in this section. At the moment we haven’t released detailed documentation for the API, but there are already two official plugins available for successful use.

Make sure your IOS or MAC is updated to version 3.6.7 or higher, then you can install plugins and study them.