Title link dictionary

Please allow whole tree to be shown in ‘dictionaries for title link’
As of now only note with exact title is shown but not the child nodes.
Say I have created a tree with main node as the title and child nodes contain different aspects of that topic
When I select it for title link dictionary it will only show main node and won’t show any content from child nodes.I simply can’t view all excerpts of that topic in dictionary mode.
This renders whole exercise of creating title dictionaries futile.
Only content of single node is shown, which is useless in case it is a title only
When I use mindmap and create a tree I would like to see whole tree content in single dictionary page
We can’t even navigate the tree from dictionary
Right now to be able to use dictionary function I have to merge all nodes into main node. And the work to form such a tree is wasted.
Please consider to put all child data in same dictionary page.
Thank you

Do you need to show hierarchical relationships? The arrows in the preview window indicate the parent-child hierarchy. To avoid interfering with reading, we have not added overly complex views for the time being, and the arrows should be designed to accommodate the need to view hierarchical relationships.