Title link not recognizing a word

I was trying to create a title with the word “Névoa”, but when I do it, a different word “Neve” just disappear from the titles link:
Before the change:

After changing the title:

Curiously if I remove the accent it works:

Hello, as shown in Figure 1, would there be a title link in another card without a title? Does this word appear in other card titles? You can send us a backup of this notebook without documents.

Sorry but not all data can go public, so I can’t share the whole notebook, I tried to create a new notebook and reproduce the erro but I couldn’t reproduce into a new notebook, probably its a problem with my “dirty” database.

I didn’t understand this: “would there be a title link in another card without a title?”

  • Does this word appear in other card titles? this word is the title of another card that describes the definition of “neve”.

I found a lot of words that can’t be found in title links too, like “agulha”, “alinhamento”…

I tried to make some searches into the marginnotes.sqlite to find the pattern of the error but when I tried to delete the rows I just fount that the file was just a mirror of the database, not the one accessed. Could you tell me how can I modify the data directly on the DB? Im aware of the risks of corrupting the notebook but I would appreciate if I could try to fix it manually.

Thank you.

Users/Your User Name/Library/Containers/QReader.MarginStudyMac/Data/Library/Application Support/QReader.MarginNoteMac
with these four files and folders:

I tried to find a solution into the database but couldn’t find what is causing this error, it seems that some words in this notebook just can’t be found into the dictionary.

I exported all the titles from the database and tried to find a correlation but couldn’t find it.

For example there are list of words starting with A, but only 1 words with B.

Into the pdf below you can find the list of titles into the database and those in blue are the ones being recognized, maybe the problem is into the logic to find search the words or maybe not.
I honestly run out of ideas.

withMarginNotes.pdf (208.0 KB)

I hope you could take a look with margin note team to see if you know where is the error.

Thank you

Oh, and this is because words separated by spaces count for a whole title, and can be used if there is a need for both words to be connected; separating them.

Yes, and some of them are being found but there are single words that are not being found.

The pdf attached shows a white note that have an excerpt from the marginnotes.sqlite file with all the titles into my notebook, so when I paste them on the note all the recognized titles are in blue, but that’s not happening with all words, im more concerned about single word titles like “Amarra”, “Alivia”, “Amantilho” and etc…

so there is some errors into the single words too.

thank you for the reply