Title Size in a BIG 🪐 SCREEN

In mind map mode, the title (or the abbreviation of name) should be large enough to read.

Because for big information handlers; it d be confusing.
In big view; There is just colours for navigation…

There may be users who don’t want to use this specialty, of course, so maybe you can add a section for users who wants to see the name of titles in a big view…

Thank you for considering


Yes that would be cool, I would definitely use it :slight_smile:

This is an interesting idea and one that would indeed make the mindmap more useful.

The closest example I can think of is like a map app which shows place names depending on the level of zoom, so when zoomed out then only countries are labelled and when fully zoomed in it shows all the street names.

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I thought liquid text when i was writing but Google maps is best example thank you :blush: @Jun