Two features - summary of titles in mind map on zooming out and various shapes of excerpt boxes

Hello, two mind map improvement suggestions here

  1. summary of titles on zooming out - i love the mind maps i create while studying. I create them in such a way that i dont need to go back to the document. So they are huge. I should be able to see the titles when i zoom out. A screenshot from liquid text.

  2. mindmaps are meant to give a visual impact for visual learners. Why not give us different shapes of the excerpt boxes? To make them look unique, right now we can change the color. Why not shapes? We only have round edged rectangles.

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Hi, regarding 1., is the effect in the screenshot that after shrinking, a text block will automatically appear to help read the shrunken node?

Regarding 2, it's doubtful that more style support would really help, but you can share some specific examples.

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