Unable to download & use Education Discount

I had the trial version of MarginNote3 where I took notes and once it finished, I requested an Education Discount. Upon receiving the guidelines to purchasing and activating the discount, I was sent a link to download the app anew (or download it from the website), so I deleted the app that I used during the trial period. I exported my notes prior to that, but I am currently unable to download the app, neither from your website, nor from the link I was sent. My education discount expires in a few hours as well, and I would like to access my notes asap.
Could you please check why download is impossible? And could you also extend the validity of the education discount I received?

Many thanks in advance,


Hello, would you like to try a different network?

Kind Regards,
Support Team


Meaning, different wifi connection? I have tried this and it’s the same everywhere,