Unable to restore MN3 purchase after MN4


I have just installed MN4 on my Mac, and upgraded my purchased MN3 to the latest version, and wanted to opt to get the MN4 with a discount.

However, after I have installed MN4 and updated MN3 to the latest version, my MN3 is no longer recognised as a purchased software. I unlocked MN3 on May 2020 and has a receipt.

Can you advise what I can do to restore my purchase of MN3?

If your MN3 was purchased through the Mac App Store then you can get the discount. If you purchased MN3 direct from MN then they have not released the 4 upgrade for you (or me) yet. Patience is key, I think. Quite surprised (maybe I shouldn’t be) that Apple approved their version before MN could sort the direct purchasers out.

I got it fixed by recalling the earlier .5 version from Time Machine. Removed the new version 4 and then upgrade MN3 to the latest .6 version then download version 4. And got a special price upgrade. It must be a bug earlier.

Thanks for the feedback. Mine is an Apple Store version.