Uncode combining characters get lost

I work a lot with text in Thai language. When I want to use the mindmap feature with a thai text all unicode combined charaters get removed. For exampe: กุ้ง gets stripped down to กง, ้ and ุ get lost. It also Happens when i try to copy and paste. So for this usecase Margin Note is not usable at all for me right now. I use Margin Note 3 on ipad mini.


Hello, is it convenient to record a video to explain? Or can it be used normally in comments? Other apps don't have these problems, do they?

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Support Team

Hi I will add some screenshots to clearify.

Trying to get text copied from the pdf to mindmap erases the unicode combining characters. U can see the tonemarks and vowels above and below the text missing. This also happens when I try to copy and paste inside margin note. I tried both rendering engines for pdf inside margin note. The same pdf files are handled properly by goodnotes, so it should not be a quirky file. I would like to fully use margin note also for these tasks.

Is it normal in the excerpt? There’s a problem with the title, right? You can send the PDF to us

It is a general Problem in excerpt mode. How can I send a pdf file here?
I did some further research and figured out, that scripts like Thai in general can cause trouble with pdf itself, as they need a process called glyph replacement. Maybe all pdfs containing scripts like Thai and Arabic etc… are kind of messed up by themselves already. When u tell me how it works I can also send you example pdfs containing Thai script.

Also see here: Pdf generated with iOS itself shows a bad effect here: