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I’ve been using MN3 on iOS and Mac for a while now and love the functionality. However, i don’t understand some of the behaviour.

I’m predominantly reading ePub files in the “Document” mode which I then move into the “Study” mode to summarise and add my thoughts. I don’t understand the following behaviours in the “Document” mode:

  1. The lasso tools is intermittently available, ePub files with images I would like to excerpt I’m sometimes able to excerpt and sometimes not.
  2. What does the “A” with double underlining in the top left do?! It doesn’t seem to change the behaviour at all.
  3. Sometimes the excerpt end up in the margin and sometimes in the excerpt section - what dictates where they end up?!

Finally, where is the manual for MN3?!



Hi Jimw,

Since Marginnote 3,our development team have put main focus on PDF annotation and excerpt support.You could try using apps like Calibre, which really comes in handy to reconvert the book into a new ePub file and make sure to “strip” the embedded font.
Calibre also supports converting ePub files into PDF ones, and MarginNote 3 has a more robust tool set for PDF annotations.

Manual is still under construction since last month. During this periodI,I will put Guides as much as I can into this forum. Sorry for your trouble.

Kind regards,
Support Team

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