Undo not activated

The undo and redo button have stopped working. Evem after restarting the app, they are not functioning. This has made it vry cumbersome to work on margin notes.

An excerpt containing a lot of data got deleted and now i can not undo to get it back. It is so frustrating.

Complaints for similar issue from other people on the forum also doesn’t provide definitive solution

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Perhaps you have a recent version of the notebook in your historical archives and can restore from there?

Thank you. I could restore it from archive.

But it doesn’t solve the bigger problem. The undo option sometimes works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Problem gets really troubling when you have mot deleted the excerpt rather only made changes in it. Then it doesn’t show up on archive and once edited you can’t go back.

For such a beautiful app, these little things make it so cumbersome to work freely.