Unite Branches to show overlap?

I’d like to connect branches at a uniting point. Below I have attached a screenshot with some drawing on it to show what I mean. I already know that you can link them, but a link is not the same as a branch. To me a link is used when one note makes reference to another, not when it follows the argument logically. I other words, a link is kind of like a footnote. I’d like to be able to open up the branches and see where they all lead.



Hello, your suggestion has been received. We will contact the developers. Whether it can be implemented or not will be considered according to various situations. Thank you for your support for MarginNote~

Kind Regards,
Support Team

Someone has requested this feature already Three years ago.
You guys still considering this?
Plz stop giving Fake hope every time you replying.:-1::nauseated_face:

This feature must present for proper mindmap making.