Upgrade to 4 from 3 refused (wrongversion)

Hi folks,
I have a paid-for Marginnote 3 and just tried 4. It seems to offer an upgrade price but refuses because I have version 3.7.25 and it wants 26. However, I’m unable to download any later version. This was bought from the website rather than the App store. Any suggestions about how to get them to talk to each other?


Several posts on this already but can’t blame you for not seeing them. The DMG (direct download) version is about 2.5 months away according to the Chinese forums. Yes, the App Store version is available and can be updated from the App Store version of MN3, we direct purchasers were kind of left behind. They are working on it but it’s a bit maddening.

thanks – I did hunt around/search but kept finding ones about upgrading from 2 to 3! I saw DMG mentioned and thought it was the disk image file you download (very confusing)…ok, so I’ll stick with 3 across them all for now (I assume making a file into v4 will mean my Mac can’t read it…)

Ok, so they are actually working on directly fixing this?

I have the exact same problem as the OP. I purchased the macOS version directly from their store rather than Mac App store and currently I do not have a free upgrade option from v3 on macOS to v4 on macOS.

However, I was able to upgrade successfully from v3 on iPad to v4 on iPad for free.

It is maddening that v4 has come out for so long already and there still isn’t a free upgrade path for those of us who purchased directly from their store, while those who purchased from App store have a free directly upgrade.

What is the latest news about this issue and the fix?