Upgrade to MN4 from non-MAS MN3

Is there any way to take advantage of the discounted upgrade price to MN4 Max when you have purchased MN3 outside of the App Store?

I have tried upgrading by installing MN4 and selecting the upgrade procedure, but it says you need MN3 version 3.7.26 or higher. The highest version available outside of the App Store is 3.7.25.


DMG version is still under development

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Many thanks for the update.

Is there an ETA for when the dmg version will be released?

Will we be able to upgrade from MN3 to MN4 Max using the dmg version i.e. an upgrade that covers the iPadOS/iOS versions?

Will the upgrade be at a similar discount rate to the App Store version?

The Chinese forums have quite a few vocal posts about the lack of a DMG version upgrade. On those forums I’m seeing figures like “3 months” out before we see something.

I also saw some text about “compensation” for DMG users due to this delay. I certainly hope so. I am/was in the beta programme so I at least have 82 days left on my MN4 beta. I hope they release an official version by then, at least.


Because development takes time, and time is difficult to estimate accurately, you are now in the internal test, then normal use can be, and the official version is the same, if the expiration has not been released, you contact me

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Many thanks for this. I have my fingers crossed it will be released soon and have a way to upgrade from MN3.

Many thanks. I’ll keep watching out for the release of the DMG version.