Upgrade worked on iPad but not Mac

I recently upgraded to Margin Notes 4 on both my laptop and iPad. I chose the upgrade from MN3 on my Mac and paid the extra $6,99 for the Max version. Now I see that when I upgraded my iPad version it did not apply the same discount and I am being offered to unlock all platforms and all features for $38.
What should I do? Isn’t it supposed to be the same account? Shouldn’t have I been offered the same upgrade combo on the Mac version and get the upgrade discount for all platforms? I already paid for MN3, how do I upgrade on all platforms and make my already paid $6,99 worth?

Had the same issue. It resolved itself after restarting both devices. Seems to have something to do with how purchases get synced across the apple ecosystem in general

That didn’t work for me :frowning: