Video controls to keep playing video after new note addition?

From what I can see, when you are watching a video and you add a new note the video stops playing and you have to click on the video for it to play again. Is there a way to keep the video playing? Or a hotkey that will start to play the video again? Any help would be appreciated.

Hello, spencerince,
Welcome to the MarginNote Forum. I’m sorry that MN3 has not provided a way to keep the video playing while taking notes.
And I’m a little puzzled by

Could you please make it more detailed?
Thanks for your post and look forward to your reply.
MN Support Team

Thanks for the response Bryan. In regards to the statement that you were puzzled by,I was wondering if there was a certain keyboard shortcut that you can play and pause the video with so when the video stopped after adding a new note there was a way to play the video without having to use the mouse.