View full annotation and/or search annotations within hashtag view?

Is there a way for MN3 to display the entirety of a note, rather than just a single truncated line, when looking through lists of notes under hashtags?

When I filter by a single hashtag, the display only shows a single line/first few words of the corresponding annotation:

Is there a way to have this page display the entirety of each annotation? And, ideally, to search within the text of those aggregated annotations?

When I click on an annotated line listed under a hashtag filter, the display takes me to the document itself, instead of expanding or showing the full annotation, and there doesn;t seem to be a way to go “back” and return to the hashtag list…I want to be able to browse through all the annotations grouped under a hashtag!

Another issue I’ve run into, when filtering by hashtags, only a limited number of annotations are displayed. I have to “load more” in order to see others. Is there a way to load all of the annotations?

I use hashtags a lot for my annotations, and I would like to be able to go back and review them, in aggregate across different documents.

Thanks for any suggestions/workarounds!



1. You can use gestures on keyboard to show a full look of the annotations. Two fingers placed close together. Open to magnify, or pinch to shrink.

2. You can enter words such as "key words #tag1" in search bar to search within the text of those annotations. Also you can try to add more tags to further categorize them, then you can search with "key words #tag1 #tag2"

3. Searching the tags in specific notebook may also help.


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I wasn’t asking about how to zoom in or out on an annotation. I wanted to be able to view and copy/paste the annotations grouped under a tag without having to navigate into the original document each time. A problem that I run into is that only a single line of the annotation is viewable. It would be great if there is anoption to display the entirety of the annotation text under that tag search. Currently the interface only shows a single, shortened line from an annotation. I am asking after an option where it is possible to view the entire annotation rather than the cut-off or truncated version in the list.

for example if I look up a tag and click on the scond annotation shown below, beginning with “eradication…”

the app then redirects me into the document, where you can see that the annotation is much longer than what is shown on the search page:

and then I have to click several times in order to navigate back to the search interface and start all over again:

It would be really nice to be able to read and copy/paste the entirety of an annotation from the search interface would be much more efficient than having to navigate back and forth between documents.

Or…is there a way to migrate all the annotations under one tag to a mind map?



I'm sorry that it can't copy the annotations directly from the search interface. It's a good suggestion and we'll work on it.

You can use gestures to read the annotations.[referring to the video below]

Or, you can copy the annotations to one mind map from each notebooks.

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