Voice recording ability for nodes of mind map

We will be able to insert voice note for each nodes/cards with more location based. We will be able to hear them again as a summary whenever we studying. This will also save lot of time as well.

A large content in a card can be summarized into a single voice recording.

Will able to make notes without typing.

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This would be a fantastic addition.


Yeah. For me it will help me a lot in summarizing.

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I have reported this to the developers. We will have a look at this feature.

Kind Regards,
Support Team

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Has there been any developments with this? Is it planned into a future update. Please can we have it? It will make such a difference to usage.

It would also be great to be able to import audio files from Apple’s Voice App (at present it doesn’t recognise them).

You can use these steps to record audio for nodes until they introduce a shorter method.

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Thanks for this. It is just too slow however when doing a lot of voice notes on nodes.

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