What does the idea button do

What does the idea button on the toolbar on mind maps do?

Why doesn’t MarginNote have a real user manual? What we are given is useless for finding how-to information.

The manual on this page does not exist:



Hello, we are working on the user manual, it may be released later.
Adding an Inspiration Box means creating some subspaces in the main notebook space of the brain map to temporarily collect ideas and insights generated during the learning process to the knowledge card in question.
Whereas a normal brain map branch is generally just an extension of knowledge under the current topic, and an inspiration box is more likely to be a way of starting from the current topic. Divergent thinking extended towards different topics. To be able to freely reorganize knowledge across disciplines, outside the constraints of the current Brain Map Notebook topic of study.

“May be”? Why write a manual and keep it away from users?

The lack of a manual is one of two reasons I never recommend MarginNotes to others. The other is the lack of useful plain text export.

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We‘re working hard on translating the What’s new article. Sorry for keep you await.

We’ve read every posts in this forum and keep reading. In fact, the brand-new Idea Box and Reference is actually designed to solve the questions by the members of this forum.

We just need time to achieve the good feature request of you guys.


I do not agree that there are excess features in MarginNote. There is no comparable app, and the feature set is excellent, and should grow and mature with the user base.

What’s missing is documentation, and good Markdown export. Points I will reiterate often until the missing features are delivered.

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Hey Lanco.

Thank you and the development team for all the hard work.
Please disregard angry comments from people. Most people think that negative criticism makes people act faster. In fact it does the contrary and creates resentment.
I am very grateful and appreciative of everything this app has done for me. The way I study has been, for ever, transformed in such a way that I can now read more, practice more and master more than ever before.

Keep up the great work!