Which MindMap software is similar to MarginNote?

Hey guys, if you met a similar mindmaps solution to MarginNote, please let us know.

I love MarginNote’s MindMap system and looking for similar)

Thank you


Why don’t you want to use marginnote anymore?

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I love MarginNote, but the problem with synchronization with iCloud makes me mad when your Mac stops to work promptly trying to download on your computer all your videos. So I decided to ask some similar solution form mindmaps only )

By “mindmaps solution” I am unsure what you are referring to. I mean, there are a number of features (auto-build a mindmap from table of contents, auto place new excerpts according to document structure, linking nodes from one to another, conversion of nodes to study cards, etc. etc.)

While there is no ‘complete’ match to MarginNote, one can combine different tools in ways that support one’s own workflow needs. Personally, I’ve always touted just how fast MarginNote makes “reading” however I no longer use it for that task because it doesn’t fit neatly into my (academic) workflow any more.

That being said, I used it for 3 years and only very rarely had sync issues. iCloud seems troublesome for many, and not just with MarginNote, almost every app I use has had iCloud sync issues discussed on their forums (Obsidian, Tinderbox, AeonTimeline, etc…). I read once the reason behind this and the fault is genuinely Apple’s (I no longer have the link, sorry).

Also, you mention “videos” and while some of my PDFs are over 100 megabytes I do not work with videos. When I worked with MN frequently I’d always wait for the sync to trigger on my other devices before starting work on any project (a message appears “36 notes synched” or some such thing iirc).

Anyway, lots to unpack there and without knowing your specific needs it’s hard to recommend replacement solutions. Most people in my circles use a combination of DevonThink, Obsidian, Hook, and some kind of reference manager (Zotero, Mendeley, Bookends, etc…).


I’d recommend to use Wi-Fi transfer for large videos.

There’s an inbuilt functionality that allows you to access your iOS device’s MarginNote database via a browser on macOS. Importing videos this way is quick and reliable.

And regarding iCloud, it’s true that other applications have also had issues with it. For example there are tons of threads about iCloud issues in the DEVONthink forums. It really does seem to be an Apple issue.