Why do you use the add title

I excerpt some text as notes card. Then within that text, I select one of the words, sometimes it gives me the option to add it as a title or emphasis, other times, it simple allows me to add it as a new card…

What is the logic of when the option for title or emphasis. Can’t seem to figure it out. There seems to be a lot of inconsistencies. Hard to figure out this software

Adding it as title means it will be the (Q) in review mode + Titel of your mindmap >>> also there is an extension for this function on the advanced scripting page…

Adding it as emphasis >> it will appear as cloze (fill in the blank Q) in review mode /// or in recall mode

Thanks That was helpful. For the others out there. this may help.

On the Mac- left click for options to add notes, right click for other options such as emphasis and title.

On the iPad- Select for adding notes, long tap for similar to right click option. for right click or long tap, do not worry about selection as it can be adjusted after right clicking.

Now the question is there a keyboard short cut to do these things?