Wikipedia: some equations don't come up

Hi, When I research for a word in wikipedia, some equations don’t show up and appears as grey boxes. I use Catalina OS.
I attach a screen capture as an example.

Hello, is this version 3.6.9? What term are you searching for? This may have something to do with the internet, or the image being in GIF format.

Hi, thanks for your reply.
Yes , the version us 3.6.9 more exactly (
I looked for the term “Renormalization” in Wikipedia in English.
I opened a web browser and checked the same and no problem with this, so it is not an Internet problem.
The images are png, but some another png works fine.
Check yourself. I attach an image from MarginNote an another from a normal browser.
I also attach another corresponding to the search for “Improper Integral” in Wikipedia

Reproduced your question, probably due to an error in MarginNote requesting images, I have submitted it to the developer, thanks for the feedback.