World Backup Day Event - Your Data Security is Vital: How to Use MarginNote's Penta Protection for your Data

Greetings from MarginNote Team!

Today is World Backup Day. One day prior to April Fool’s Day, this festival is initiated by Reddit with the slogan ‘Do not be a fool, back up your data!’. And today we are going to share how to use five lines of defences to protect your data in MarginNote!

Be patient till the end, cause we’ve got some surprises for you !

1. Historical Archives: An auto-defence System for Most of the Common Risks

Convenience level: :star::star::star:

Safety level: :star::star:

The Historical Archives function is a MarginNote’s built-in ‘Time Camera’. You can use it to save your notebook at a specific moment. If some incorrect actions occur, you can just open the notebook before (as you stored) via Historical Archives. When necessary, you can even open two MarginNote windows at the same time to compare between the documents.

It only requires easy operation and does not consume a lot of storage spaces - It only takes about 8MB spaces to ‘take a photo’ for a 300MB size Notebook, isn’t this amazing?

However, this function still has its limitations. The stored data is only recorded on your local computer, so it can only handle the issue in this specific device, like mistaken operations or sync conflicts. Therefore you cannot restore your data if your device is broken or lost :-(.

2. Independent Backup for Frequently Used Notebooks: the Most Usual and Reliable Protection

Convenience level: :star::star:

Safety level: :star::star::star:

Apart from iCloud sync and Historical Archives, you can consider to export the backup file of your important notebooks separately after finishing every stage of study. This method is highly secured and very flexible. In this case, your data wouldn’t be impacted even if there is a mistaken operation or even a system bug!

As local files, in google drive, … You can store your backup files wherever you like!

3. iCloud Sync: A Dancer on the Blade

Convenience level: :star::star::star:

Safety level: :star:

Technically speaking, iCloud sync is not really a way to enhance data security. As the data of your notebooks can be visited and modified on different devices, data conflicts may occur accidentally. However, its greatest weakness is also its greatest strength: the data is synced online, such that you can still find your precious notebooks on other devices even if you lose one of your devices.

Using a trustworthy cloud storage, iCloud is also very easy-to-use compared with other backup methods. Just open the ‘iCloud Sync’ option in MarginNote, and you can enjoy the benefits of multi-device sync of your data. But it is still recommended to turn off iCloud Sync, if some important exams are incoming: a much conservative option.

The Historical Archives function is just born to lower the potential risks of iCloud sync: this function will be triggered automatically when the system detects a large variety of change of your notes.!

4. Overall Backup: A Giant that Sometimes Requires USB Lines but is the Most Comforting

Convenience level: :star:

Safety level: :star::star::star:

You can use Overall Backup if you want to back up all your documents and notebooks. It might sound time-consuming, but actually only takes a few seconds for MarginNote to export the overall backup. After then, You can compress the backup file and store it somewhere safe.

5. iCloud Backup: A Last Resort

Convenience level: :star:

Safety level: :star::star::star:

iCloud Backup is a comprehensive backup for all MarginNote databases and files. You can set up this option in iOS/iPad OS’s system settings. Just go to iCloud Settings and open backup option. In ‘Managing iCloud Storage’ interface, click backup, choose your current device, and turn on MarginNote 3’s switch. Then your device will automatically back up your data in iCloud when it is plugged and connected to Wi-Fi.

This method is quite complex and troublesome to restore. But it is superbly safe, and you can retrieve your notes even if MarginNote’s database crushes or if you lost your device.

May you never lose your data~


In the past, our lovely MarginNote service team has helped quite a few of our users to retrieve their data back. However, as the old saying goes, you cannot make bricks without straw. A good backup habit is the best way to prevent data loss. So on this special World Backup Day, we appeal to all of our users to cultivate a good habit of backing up your data from time to time.