Wrong topic groupings for exerpts

Exerpts are wrongly grouped into the section below it. Can you fix this please?

Yes, I mentioned this before.
My ebooks are divided into chapters. Those chapters are recognized in the Table of Contents. Unfortunately, the MindMap does not create an outline based around those chapters. It shouldn’t be hard. In an ePub file the chapters are separated into different HTML files. I go out of my way to create table of contents for my ebooks in order to do this. So if I annotate a specific line within a specific HTML file, the Mindmap and annotations should be listed under that section.

But they’re not.
I tried dragging them manually, but that can take me hours to do and any new annotations simply continue to appear out of order.

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This app has so much potential and so many bugs. :zipper_mouth_face: Probably one of the only apps that fit my need to ditch paper books, but all these bugs are a real letdown.

  1. the first pass, annotate and leave questions/notes —> study and understand
  2. For the second pass, create a synopsis with important highlights etc. —> summarize and memorize
  3. the third pass, create articles and/or slides; import them into better mindmap tools such as xmind etc. → produce
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