Zoom with scrollwheel

I really think MN4 would be great and usable for me personally (on mac) if you would implement the cmd + scrollwheel zoom function again.

Maybe someone knows a “workaround” until they officially implement this again.
It would be so so helpful, because I literally cant use the mac version right now because of this…

Im on version 4.0.4 (401) on mac and Im using a magickeyboard with a qwertz layout and a magicmouse 2 if that helps.

Strange how this works in the 4.0.2 beta, it must have broken for the release. I’m sure it’s a bug. @Support-Team please log this and get a fix out.

Is it possible to somehow download the 4.0.2 version?

Strangely, cmd + scroll wheel does zoom in and out for me in MN4 (version 4.0.3).

Could it have something to do with the hardware used? I have a Logitech bluetooth mouse.

I’m on the beta and that is the last version they have in TestFlight.

I’ve a Logitech corded mouse fwiw and 4.0.2 and it works fine. Aaaand, I just tried a 14 day trial of max on the App Store version and it works fine for me. This is the second report I’ve seen of a scroll wheel not working though!