About windows version

I’m a new user of MarginNote, so I’m sure that someone already done the same question.


Do you scheduled a Windows version of MarginNote 3?


That would be lovely but I read an interview few years ago that they are not planning to port it on Android or Windows. Hope they changed their mind.

Here’s the link. It’s in Chinese so user Google Translate.


Wow, that’s an origin and important interview. Do you speak Chinese?

No, unfortunately not :frowning:

I googled Marginnnote extensively because I liked it A LOT. (and I still do)

I relied on Google Translate to read the article but it was worth it :slight_smile:

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In the latest version of windows, there has an inbuilt printer driver but I want to install the HP Designjet T520 printer, driver. Which provides very good interface effective experience. But the question is that is this operating system supports the driver?

Hello, jonsmith,
Welcome to the MarginNote Forum, I’m not really sure and can’t solve this problem. May be someone in the Forum will give you a hand.