Adding document to existing notebook

My workflow is (or might be):

  1. Read an ‘intro’ to my topic / module with basic annotations (call this Doc A)
  2. Go to study mode, create the notebook with a general title pertaining to the topic and not to the specific paper I’ve just read (eg Notebook X)
  3. Create notes outlining the general concepts.

Ok. All good. Then.

  1. Open new document (Call this Doc B) in document mode and perhaps make basic annotations
  2. Decide whether this is a document I want to spend time on at this point. If so
  3. Add to the existing notebook X and continue.

The only ways I’ve found of doing that at mo is to

  1. Create study notebook for Doc B
  2. Go to notebooks and merge Notebook for Doc B with Notebook X
  3. Open Notebook X and add Doc B into it.

My question is: is there a way to add Doc B into Notebook X from within Doc B itself? Eg, when you go to study mode for the first time and it asks you to name the notebook, can an existing one be selected, or a similar process?


Hello, JKF,

I think I have a general idea about your question and I’m sorry the method that you mentioned add Doc B into NotebookX within Doc B itself is not available at least now. I will note it down on our feature list. ( agree with you. If you have to refer lots of documents, it will be better to add Documents directly to Notebook by clicking a button in document mode. )


Hi Bryan,

Thanks, that’s great.