How to open a document in an existing notebook for study?


when I open a PDF from Finder or Zotero, I want to first annotate it (which is possible) and then put it into context with the other existing documents. But I don’t see an option to open the document in an existing notebook, only an option to create a new notebook for it, but I don’t want that. I can close the document and go to study mode, open the existing notebook, and add the document, but that’s a bit tedious.

It seems to me that other users have requested this as well ( Adding document to existing notebook - #2 by Sushi_Support-Team ), but that nothing has happened since.

Maybe I’m missing out on something? :slight_smile:




Apart from the way above, you can try this. Hope it can save some time.

However, I'm sorry it's not available to directly add to the existed notebooks in document mode. We are going to add this feature, thank you for your suggestion.


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Support Team

Hey, thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
I think you wanted to include some images, but I can’t see them.
Best, David

Sorry, there’s some mistake. Here you can see another way to add to the existed notebooks.