Adding Title Directly within a Card

I want to set the card title within the card quickly, given the advice that I’m allowed to do it, but I fail to figure it out.

There should be two cases of setting card title:

  1. Within a single card, selecting the keyword as the title. For example, setting the “Theorem 12.1” as card title. In this case, the selected words should be kept in the card.

  2. Within a summary card comprises several cards, setting one card as the title. For example, setting the first card, i.e. “Theorem 7.3… Arithmetic”, as card title. In this case, the first card should be removed from the card.

Therefore, what should I do in these two cases respectively? Or, there is no such function?

I think I have figured out the first case, after highlighting the words, we can select again the target keyword within the document via mouse/finger and click as title, and done!

Now the remaining question is Case II: within a summary card, how to convert one of the cards as the title itself and then remove it?

I have a similar issue: i would like to select text from the document and mark it directly as title of a new card. This way the structure of the document is directly displayed on the mind map and I can add comments/more excerpts in a second step. Sometimes it gives me the option to mark selected text as title, but I haven’t figured out how exactly, so that I have to click around five times before the option pops up.
Any idea what I am doing wrong?


Hi Linda, I think I’ve figured out the case I, which should be your scenario :point_up_2:

Hi outsider,
Thanks! But this requires always two steps, 1. excerpt, 2. mark the text and select as title. Then I have the same text as title and as content of the card, which requires even a third step to remove the text from the card. This is actually your case II.

Additionally I would like to determine beforehand, that the selected text shall be the title of a card, not the content… :sweat_smile:

Hey outsider and Linda,

same ‘problem’ here :slight_smile: - CASE 1

Just starting with marginnote 3 and I was very confused how it is intended to add the card titles. As it looks now the process is not completely optimized. How about submitting a feature request?

For me a process where you first define the body of the card and in a second step, like e.g. by clicking on the card beeing able to add the title with text selection. Sort of how it is - but in a more ergonomic version, would be ok. But I don’t have the experience nessesary to make a more detailed suggestion (maybe I am getting there at some point). Maybe just adding a new option in the context menu when selecting text for “as card title of new card” and then the card body gets selected afterwards and merged by dragging on the previous card with just the title. Something like that?

Would you have an idea how this process could be optimized. Would you make a feature request?

Cheers, student

Hi Student,

A new option in the context menu would be a solution. And an easier access to the context menu would be great because it only works every third time I am trying.
I don’t know how to make a feature request…I emailed the support team in a different topic but I don’t have a positive experience with their response… :cry:


The second Case is what we called convert highlight to title now as Preliminary Adoption in Dev. todo.
The title involved process is not completely optimized indeed. We have followed it since July. Once accomplished will notify this thread. Thanks for your suggestions and enthusiasm! @student @Linda @outsider

Best Regards,
Support Team