Convert highlight to title note

Dear Lanco

Can you please suggest to the development team a new button to the pop-up menu (e.g. ‘Make Title’), which turns a highlight into a title note as follows?

This would convert a highlight…:

…into this kind of ‘title’ note:

This is the kind of note that is created when the ‘Add New Note’ button is tapped:

For merged notes, the selected note would become promoted to the title of the note. For example:


Yes,I will report this useful feature. Its very useful for Export in other outliner app. We will probably try this after support for opml Export.

Sorry for late reply. Last few days we’re very busy on new update test program.


Thanks for the response, Lanco.

Congratulations on v3.4

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Hey, Lanco

Is this change something that is being considered? Thanks for raising with the development team.


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Need this feature as well, but still haven’t saw this update.

Hello, fife and Jun

I think these posts may help you.

We have introduced “As a title” function to the MN3. And I wonder if it meets your needs.


Dear Bryan

I am aware of this function. In fact, I suggested it to be included in MarginNote during beta testing for 3.0.

Being able to convert a note into a title would be particularly helpful when using highlight mode to quickly make notes to be processed later.


Ok. I get it! I will add your demand to our feature list. Thanks for your reply!

Dear Bryan

Is there any chance this will be included for development? It strikes me as quite an essential feature and it seems other forum members would agree.


The same reason :cry: Highlight menu above selection why your request is still not implemented. First, I agree with you that the function is nice and useful.
Then there is a good news for you, MarginNote will open some data interfaces in the very near future, which allows user to use AppleScript and other programming language to realize the functions they want.