AFTER editting TOC in external app, the link pdf file with notebook is unlinked

The link pdf file with nobook is linked to the AFTER editing TOC in external app.

Because the margin note does not have the ability to modify the toc, we need to modify it in other external apps.
Even if I just replace the toc without deleting or adding the page itself, later reading the file from Marginnotote will disconnect the notebook(i already made) from the document(pdf files) . Because of this, content Organizing is often mixed up.

It’s convenient to recognize and ask if you want to import when I have other annotations on the outside, but it’s uncomfortable to modify the toc.

  1. I hope the sync between the file and the laptop is not broken when modifying toc.
  2. I wish there was a toc correction function.

thanks you


Agree with you that this is an important feature. There may be a work-around though, for fixing the link that was broken when you edit the TOC. See this thread, and in particular the posts by @Lanco_Support-Team.

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