An Announcement about PDF Flick Crash and Importing BUGs

We noticed the Crash often happened with PDF page turning when you’re using IpadOS 13.1 and Marginnote 3.4.5. And some reports shows importing issues from Dropbox etc. 3rd-party APPs.

We have confirmed all these problems are connected with Apple system BUGs.The IpadOS inner PDF rendering engine adds a rather large memory leak when turning pages in Scanner-PDF. So the Team urgently developed a new PDF rendering engine as Marginnote default option in MN 3.5. If you meet any compatible problems please report and change your rendering engine in Marginnote Homepage’s Settings.
I think you guys will receive 3.5 update step by step from AppleStore since Today. If you want to update immediately, you could check the Marginnote Store Page directly (Not updating Page). Enjoy it.:blush:

Latest news: IpadOS 13.2 Beta2 has solved PDF Flick Crash and it seems importing issue is also fixed.