Any changes to MN folders & categories?

Several months ago, I posted the following suggestions / requests…

Has @marginnote done anything to change or fix this? Thanks!

I would also like to hear an update on this.

Back in February, @jprint made a very good list of critical problems with MarginNote, and asked for some feedback from the development team. As far as I can tell, there has been no answer to his query.

Also, I thought work was in-progress to provide more information about the new automation and extension API, but I haven’t seen any followup.

What is the current status of these issues?

A detailed response would be appreciated, thank you.


Thank you, @mobo !

You’ve perfectly expressed my sentiments, along the frustrating lack of follow through and communication. Makes me really wonder why I even went to the trouble to write that list, and provide feedback in the first place.

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I have sent your feedback to the developers about your requirements and thank you very much for your patience. We appreciate the scenarios and the needs you shared, it was very helpful, but I can’t commit to a specific implementation deadline, sorry.
We are in the process of putting together the API specifications for the plugin, so it may take a while.

I understand and appreciate that. But I’ve been asking about fixes and specific improvements to the app – which would benefit all MN users – for years. In early February, I wrote all of this up in a consolidated list for MN. I appreciate the gratitude, but the pace of improvement, and the lack of communication with users, has been difficult for many of us.

We’ve actually discussed the list of requirements you listed in February, but the specific design and moving forward may be stuck on the details. Would you be willing to talk more about the specific design for changing document and note management, and in what specific ways are the current folder and tag categories causing frustration?
We’re still testing about the sync feature and expect to release it in 3.7-3.8. The wait is not pleasant, but in order to ensure that the reworked sync mechanism completely solves the problem, we had to spend a little more time ensuring stability. Thank you all for your company and patience with Marginnote.

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I understand that the pace of work can sometimes take a while, though it seems like it has taken a very long time to implement some of these changes. Also, while many of us greatly appreciate MN, and all of the hard work of its staff, we really need much more communication about whether you’ve received our messages, and how you’re proceeding, accordingly.

Yes, I’d be gad to talk more about the folder and tag problems, and possible solution. Let me know how you’d like to proceed with that, along with the other issues I’ve identified. Thanks.

Ditto what @mobo and @jprint said here. I understand that there’s a lot of work to do on MarginNote, but this seems like one of the more basic, immediate needs that ought to be fulfilled.

When do you think you will be able to do so, @Support-Team ?

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Almost a month has passed. We are awaiting a substantive reply.

It seems you have staffing issues — is that correct?

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mobo Wiki Contributor #9
Almost a month has passed. We are awaiting a substantive reply.
It seems you have staffing issues — is that correct?

Agreed. Thank you, @mobo.

We’ve been quite patient; this is frustrating.

Did you mean to send reply to @mobo ?

Nothing showed up, except for what @mobo posted.


Another week passed. Bump.

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And on and on it goes…

Ok, I’m trying to move the ball forward on this front, so let me try do my part by answering your question directly. Thirty days ago, you wrote:

As I said in this post that I typed up for you last February,

“2. Fix and clarify MN folders & categories. Right now it’s glitchy and frankly confusing. No one is clear on how MN’s folder systems is supposed to work, and so there’s a chaotic and problematic file organizational structure in MN (or lack thereof). As a result, many of us have learned to only open files in MN the moment we’re ready to annotate them – otherwise they’ll get lost in a disordered list of files that we’re unable to group and As part of this, we’d like to simple folder / organizational taxonomy in which we’re able to group files by subject AND prioritize them.”

So, I think I’ve already laid out a suggested approach for you. Perhaps thing of categories as subject tags for MN files and folders as a kind of smart folder organizational approach, sorted by project and/or priority (as determined by the user). That’s how I’d approach it.

BTW, I see one problem w/ MN’s approach to organization: it divides documents and notebooks, which creates all kinds of layers of confusion. I haven’t yet understood why there are two different formats, partly because there’s no manual that clearly defines the different function intentions (insofar as I can tell).

Actually, I see another problem, w/ MN’s approach to folder/category organization… Whenever I import new files in MN, they’re created as documents. And so, I organize the categories in MN’s category section. But then when I open these files in Study, and convert them as notebooks, I have to re-create another level of category organization. I don’t see what the purpose of this is, but I might be overlooking what MN developers were imagining.

Hope this is helpful, and can move the ball forward. Let me know if you’d like me to clarify or answer any questions.



Another week. Bump.

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I’m starting to wonder if they care.

It’s pretty clear none of the issues raised on this thread will ever be addressed, and it’s pretty clear that MarginNote support will never improve.

Alternatives to MarginNote?

Dear @Lanco_Support-Team / @Kevin_Support-Team / @Support-Team as there been any development with this issue?

I’m gravely worried that the lack of communication and responsiveness to users’ posts will result in you losing them, and they seem very invested in your product. I’ve found that some of these members have been channeling the very same concerns that I have, and some of them have provided thoughtful, detailed analysis and suggested approaches you could incorporate into MarginNote, thus making it s stronger, better product.

I do hope you will consider better communicating with your users, in general, and especially those who’ve worked hard to help assist you and the larger MarginNote community. It would be a shame to lose them, no?

Thank you.

As shown in the figure,our internal tickets system was buggy on this floor, @Edward_Support-Team handled thread at first. Then he forwarded this post to me while I was out of town for the developer forum and didn’t notice it, sorry about that, we’ll respond to the unaddressed issue now!

Best regards,