Best app for organizing MN hashtags?

I couldn’t have said it better. Thanks so much for spelling this out so thoughtfully, @mobo.

I’d add a few things…

-Some of us also work as reporters and journalists, which means we need to both read & organize our MarginNote-produced annotation and notes quickly. Like other users here, I’ve recommended MarginNote to many of my colleagues. Some like it; others feel that it’s exports, and inability to quickly access and analyze the data are too cumbersome and glitchy. So, @Lanco_Support-Team, we really are trying to bring attention to various issues that we, your devoted MarginNote users really need – and future users demand before they buy into you app;

-As part of that, MarginNote users really need some the various things that @mobo and I have mentioned here, along with @JournoProf, to better help us search and organize our notes;

-By extension, some of us have made some relatively simple suggestions for adding features like a"Find Next" function;

-I’ve mentioned in other posts that MarginNote users also really need better Exports; right now, they’re far too glitchy and demand a lot of clean up. That adds a lot of work to using MarginNote, and in some ways it feels like the Export functions in MN3 have worsened since MarginNoteX. For instance, I used to use MarginNote’s iThoughts exports, and then transform those notes to OPML – but that not longer works. Also, it sure seems like there are more limited MN3 PDF export options, which is something else many users have flagged. This is a really, really important feature request for many of us since it would enable us to store PDF files after annotating them in MarginNote – so we can then expunge them, and then import and annotate another set of documents; without proper PDF export controls, it’s hard to properly export and archive these files. Make sense?

-As @mobo said, many of MarginNote’s devoted used often use the annotated notes in…

And that’s why some many of us have requested that MarginNote create an UID in annotated files;

I think that covers many of the big things that many of the most devoted MarginNote users have been requesting, and addressing here. We hope you’ll consider these requests! Thanks so much…


Hi everyone,

I understand your request,for I’m also half of a Nvivo user,and interested in ATLAS.ti, MaxQDA.

Advanced searching tools give researchers different view to organize the information.The Standard QDA(Qualitative Data Analysis) process contains several steps.And in these steps MN3 is an ideal coding instrument.

We thought about how to contain these advanced functions but still keep the MN3 core functionality strengths and concise. Perhaps open the api for MN3 of Mac database and manipulate and establish a Mod platform to plugins is a good solution ? We will check the technique details.

Best Regards,
MN Support Team

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Access to MN3 annotation data via osascript (AppleScript or JXA, for example) would be excellent.

Otherwise, I’d be happy to have notes and annotations (with all links and tags) in markdown format. The RTF/RTFD export is useless in applications such as Tinderbox, and the formatting is a weird combination of fonts and sizes. The Evernote export is too condensed and trimmed. The .mmap export does not use the current .mmap document format and so is not very portable. The Word export is not very portable when used in other apps. So, markdown would be a great way to provide more portability and avoid the need for self-help scripting that many of us have resorted to.

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Hi @Lanco_Support-Team,

Thanks very much for your thoughtful reply. I’m sure I speak for many of us when I say how much we appreciate how you and your colleagues are considering our requests, and trying to improve MarginNote for its users.

While we’re on the subject of hashtags I’d like to add one more suggestion to the mix: MarginNote can improve how it manages hashtags internally. I actually outlined these suggestions quite some time ago, and urge you and your @marginnote / @Support-Team colleagues to consider them in this post.

I hope you’ll consider them, and include some of these features in future versions.



This just struck me … How should the hashtags from MN be handled when its annotations are exported as markdown? By example, #resource is a first level header called resource in markdown.

Markdown does not have an official “tag” syntax AFAIK. I see cases that use the “at” symbol (@) instead of the hashtag.

I am curious to hear what others think.


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How about opml?If MN officially use opml to replace present notebook format with icloud sync, will all the matters settled related to database searching and exporting?

I do not know how OPML handles tags, I do not know how OPML is translated to markdown, and I do not know whether the translation will take the #tag formatted tags to a different notation (e.g. @tag) or (worst case) think that #tag is a markdown header rather than a markdown tag. The latter case would be a bad translation and might argue to switch to @tag notations in MN rather than #tag notations in MN.


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