Any way to create an UID in annotated files?


Is there a way to create an UID in MarginNote-annotated files – and, by extension, the notes they create?

Maybe there’s a way that MarginNote-annotated files & notes could generate create an UID – one UID for one file – that would apply to all of the MN-created annotated notes linked to that file. Seems like this UID could be auto-generated much the same that MN creates URLs per note.

Would love to hear about any possibilities to do this… Thanks!



Any ideas…?



Every note in MN has an UID, but not exposed to user. How do you want to use the UID?


I recognize that no one tool does all things for a user. I use MarginNote to easily make notes on PDFs. But to use that information effectively in my work I need to export the information and import it into other apps, such as Tinderbox (after I first import MarginNote-created files to iThoughts X, and then export them in an OPML format for Tinderbox to use).

However, if I make an annotation and export it it, then subsequently I improve/extend the annotation and re-export it, how does the next tool in the chain know this annotation is from the same source note? The source document title, for example, isn’t necessarily and reliably unique. That’s how and why I want to use the UID – so I can locate and identify such source files that were created in MarginNote, and then reside in Tinderbox.

Put another way: If you are open to the fact that user’s may export their data, how are they helped by not giving them (read-only) access to UID values?

Here’s a reference file on Tinderbox ID attributes for UID’s.

I hope that’s helpful, and that MarginNote can provide users with UID values so we can better use MarginNote-created export files. Thank you.

BTW, I have to import MarginNote-created files to iThoughts X, and then export them in an OPML format for Tinderbox to use because MarginNote hasn’t yet created a CSV export format. Many of us are still hoping MarginNote can create that export feature in the future.

I’m happy to answer any additional questions you have on this or any other issues that I’ve raised. All of us want to see MarginNote to improve over time, and are committed to helping make that happen.

Thank you.


Do you have any more questions about this that I can answer?

Will MarginNote avail file UIDs to users so that we can apply them to our workflow?

We look forward to your response.



Any joy, @marginnote ? #marginnote-3

Please let me know if / how users can follow up on these queries…



I agree with jprint. If there was a way to assign a link to a card in MarginNote, then I would use these links to access my mind maps from other apps via x-callback. This allows my mindmaps to stay in MN with their pdfs but be accessible from other apps, eg iThoughts, 2Do, or Evernote.


Well put. Thank you. Lets hope @marginnote can implement this, since it would be a boon to many users who are seeking this feature for their workflow.