Requests for PDF exports


It looks like MN3 has removed one of my favorite features (that was in MarginNote X) that was used to export PDFs. In MarginNote X, I set the following options for export:

-Export mindmap - OFF
-Export outline - ON
-Export highlighted pages only - OFF
-Export all pages - ON
-Export right margin - OFF

These settings created a PDF export that showed all of my MN-created annotations at the top of the document, with corresponding page numbers, and then the actually annotated text underneath in the body of the text. I hope MarginNote can revert back to the this PDF export format, since was such a crucial feature for me.

But…I would also suggest that MN include this feature and create the ability to click on the right margin for the PDF annotations outline (which signifies page number) so it takes users to the annotated text within the PDF document. In MarginNote X, that icon seems to click – but then doesn’t do anything.

Also, it would be great if this requested function – i.e., clicking on the annotations and/or the right margin for the PDF annotations outline – could work within any app (e.g., DEVONthinkPro) instead of having to open up the file within MarginNote. That just creates confusion, and jumbled mess if MarginNote opens (and imports) a file – just so one can see the reference to a particular annotation.

Thanks for considering this request! It would be a serious boon to MarginNote users…


Just wondering if this might something that MarginNote could implement in future editions. I’m already seriously missing the way I was able to export PDFs in MarginNote X – and was hoping that MN3 would build on it further!

Maybe other users have additional ideas / suggestions re: PDF exports…


BTW, it would also be great if this kind of export could work via Documents - as well as Notes. Thanks again for considering this request – really hope you consider it!