Better Mouse and Keyboard Support for iPad

I love this app, but it desperately needs better keyboard and mouse support. As it stands right now, it’s almost unusable without a touchscreen.

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We have received your request.

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Support Team

Hello @CptFupa
What do you wish for mouse and keybosrd customization specifically
Do you use just ipad with mouse or somethimes with mac ?
Can you use 4th and 5th bottons assigned for different purposes ?
What should be when user click on right button or use scroll botton of mouse for MN?
Are you using ipad by screening to different monitor with stage manager specialities?
What should be added to touchpad experience?
Can you tell us more about that?

In forum unfortunately we cannot get in touch development team or admin and so many wlshes are replied just for giving users fake hope here.
So get ready for long long waiting and be prepared for their bad behavior to users.

By the way i ve posted about mouse scrolling and replied keyboard experience about nodes:
If its related your wish, check it out: