Text in the child MindMap is cropped

Hi, I’m trying to add text to a box in the child MindMap.
On the first screenshot you can find the amount of text I put in the box, in the second - what I actually have in the box.



If I click edit again, I see that it is croped:

Why Can’t I add more text to the box? Extremely inconvenient.

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@Support-Team help please, as I see every box in the child mindmap shows the same behaviour

I’ve also recorded a video. I use the last version of MN on Mac.

Definitely big problem i %200 agreed.
İ d also thought to write about this

The beginning of the note shouldn’t be the TİTLE in mimd map node.
İt should be text!!! “FİRST” than title.
After the user wrote whatever he wants without LIMITATION, he/she can choose to add TİTLE if he wants.
İn Margin note vice versa!
Because the user has to write TİTLE first when he wants to write something???

Who inspired the official guy who puts that rule?
Now all writing /pdf apps understand the pover of saving willpover and everyone makes their app based on simplicity. Look at apple notes, look at good notes…!!
Look at the tragedy of margin note here!!!
This speciality forces users write TİTLE first.
And it is makes me crazy.
İt is 2022 the professional app about pdf and the users face the limitation just for that reason.

Also there is another problem willpower depletion!!
Lets think the scenario :
İf the user (if user use keyboard) wants to add a text on mimd map:

1)He needs to write TİTLE first (okay we understand this ridiculous speciality but story continues because u cant just push “down” button to add text (!) :confused:
2) Then he needs to push “enter+command buttons” (it means close editing) :man_facepalming:
3) Than again “enter+command buttons” secondly (it means reopen editing same node) :weary:
4) than he needs to push (down button) continuously for several seconds :sleepy:

After all FINALLY
Than the app lets edit on nodes to add text!!!

What the hell of writing here?
İ don’t think single of user can have a Patience to write something on mind map.
İ don’t think @Support-Team understand the importance of time and simplicity of app.
This needs to be EASIER
Come on!
Who made this simple adding text (not title) on nodes speciality so HARD. :japanese_ogre:
Please fix

@admin u need to make easier this process! Please!

Without simplicity no one wants tı use keyboard thing which is main domain of app

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@isaatalay42 Bro, I completely agree with the problem “write TITLE first”, and I want to add a few words to your message about cringe UX/UI.

If you add an empty note and then write a text → you have to write TITLE firstly.
If you add an excerpt from the document via dragging-and-dropping quotation then this text appears in the TEXT section of the note and the note doesn’t have any title, and you might add the title on your own.

I spend about 2-3 hours trying to understand what’s the difference in this behaviour until I figured it out how it works. And THERE IS NO INFORMATION ABOUT THAT DIFFERENCE ANYWHERE.

And the most strange behaviour is that when you start editing note you can’t distinguish between TITLE and TEXT sections , and it looks like guys don’t like UX/UI at all. Sometimes you see the hint ‘title’ sometime no. It was the reason why I spent several hours guessing how it works.

And one more point - when you’re editing the note , you can’t add several comments to the note one-by-one, you have to add only a first commentary, then close the note, then open it again and you will see a new empty text field below the gray line designated for the comment. Having several comments is very convenient if you want to unmerge them later on, but adding them is a real pain.

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Yeah that is I want to say also… Taking simple note is cumbersome for ones who wants directly on mind map
Who wants to take notes if he needs to " take except from document first "?

. [quote=“alex212, post:7, topic:7173”]

Unfortunately in here some of speciality doesn’t even understood by most of support team members.

So you want to write comment again without needing to click twice or close it for pushing comment button again right?

Thank you for message!
I struggled to do it using an editing mode, but eventually found an effective way. In order to finish editing current comment I had to click somewhere else out of the note, and then a button “Add comment” appears.

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there ıs also command + N button in shortkeys for adding comment but UNFORTUNATELY

THE USER HAS TO CLOSE EDITTING FIRST TO ACTIVATE THIS and opening SECOND WINDOW interrupts FLOW for sure (because users have to close it -another willpower issue- and there is not even one keybard shortkey to close ) :rage:

SO OUR WISH @Support-Team

  1. The beginning of NODE should be TEXT not TITLE

if you insist to be first TITLE :

  1. “Down” Button pushing continuously for DIRECT pass to Comment section :jigsaw:
    without needing to click somewhere else or “Command + Enter” buttons

  2. we dont want to see SECOND WINDOW so we dont waste time closing it or letting second window interrupt our flow : we want direct controll when we push “command + N” or “down” button continuously

  3. at least when user paste something like links It should be directly goes into COMMENT without wasting time to edit because of your lovely! LIMITATION speciality

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