【Closed】 Mac- Pre Release Version Application

Dear MarginNoters,
We have available for now a Feature-Preview version of MarginNote 3 on Mac and it is open for application.
After the official version is released, the Feature-Preview version can be directly updated to the non-AppStore official version.
The UI of Feature-Preview version is basically the same as the current iOS version. It is still possible to make major adjustments and optimizations for the mac before the official release.

Please leave a comment in this post with the info listed below:

  1. Name/Organization or social account id.
  2. Device info. (Mac, iOS)
  3. Major/Working filed. (Astrophysics/ Lawyer)
  4. Most used apps. (Evernote, PDF Expert, Notability, OmniFocus,etc.)
  5. Which sections do you like/dislike MarginNote 3 the most.

After your information is confirmed, we will send the trial activation code (can be used until September 20th) in the private message of the station that you have applied. Please replace the official license to continue using it after expiration. After the installation package is downloaded, please Check for updates on the menu to check if there is an update package and update to the latest version.

Installation package download address:

If you’re Chinese, please go to Chinese forum:

Support Team

1.iPhone 7 plus,iPhone SE,ipad pro 9.7 ,Macbook Pro 13 2015,
2.Master student
3.Evernote, PDF Expert, Notability, Goodnotes, Bear
4.II want to use marginnote to complete my postgraduate thesis, most like document typesetting and editing.

  1. Social account id: phosluo@Twitter.
  2. Device info. iPhone X, iPad air 2, and MacBook Pro.
  3. Major/Working filed. Product Manager.
  4. Most used apps. Notes, PDF Expert, and OmniOutliner.
  5. Which sections do you like/dislike MarginNote 3 the most. Like most: the new design of mindmap. Dislike most: reading experience.
  • HSIEN PING, TANG@IT company
  • Device info. iPhone X, iPad Pro and MacBook Pro.
  • Major/Working filed. Network Engineer
  • Most used apps. Gns3, Evernote, PDF Expert, and OmniOutliner.
  • Which sections do you like/dislike MarginNote 3 the most.
    Like most: easy create note.
  1. Ipad, iphone, mac
  2. Student, research
  3. PDF Expert, Margin Note Pro
  4. Love Handoff, sync, mapping feature.
  1. Device info. iPhone 8 plus, iPad Pro and MacBook Pro.
  2. Major/Working filed. Law
  3. Most used apps. PDF Expert, Notability, Goodnotes and MarginNote Pro.
  4. Which sections do you like/dislike MarginNote 3 the most.
    Like most: the outline and the mindmap.
    Dislike most: Apple Pencil experience.

Dear staffs,

I have used MarginNote 2 and MarginNote X for about 1year, my basic info list below:

  1. WANG, Shengjie / twitter: @atlrwt

  2. iPhone 7, iPad Pro 10.5, MacBook Pro 2017 15’.

  3. Mechanical Engineering / Master Student.

  4. Evernote, PDF Expert, Dropbox, MarginNote.

  5. Like most: New UI,
    Dislike most: Apple Pencil Experience (For example, if I want to write something just after I draw a straight
    line, it is a little complicated to change the attribute).

1.Device. iPhone8 Plus and MacBook Pro.
2. Major/Working filed. Education
3.Most used apps.PDF Expert
4 Which sections do you like MarginNote 3 the most. outline and note

Hello, I bought MarginNote 2 about 2 year ago and upgrade to MarginNote 3 recently, love it all the way!

Here is my info:

  1. iPhone X, iPad Pro 12.9, MacBook Pro 2017 15’.

  2. Electrical Engineering, PhD Candidate

  3. PDF Expert, MarginNote, Omnioutliner, MindNode, Ulysses

  4. I like the design and the two modes (study mode and document mode) of MarginNote 3. The new UI design is beautiful and the two mode make me use different way to read different documents.

However, I think annotation could be improved. For example, there is no easy way to change from highlight to underline or vice versa, I have to highlight it first, click the color plate logo, and change it to underline. If I can save several favorite highlight mode, like 1. red highlight, 2. brown underline 3.blue highlight and underline, and don’t need to change it every time, it would be great. Also, if there are more colors for highlight, it would be better.

Thank you!

  1. iPhone 7 Plus, iPad Pro 12.7" (2015), MBP 15" (2018)
  2. Lawyer.
  3. OmniFocus, TaskPaper, DEVONthink Pro Office, Drafts 5
  4. On iOS, I like the tabbed browsing and flexibility of the new UI. The new unified mind map with the reading/outliner slide-overs is great too. What I don’t like is that I have to duplicate all my PDFs to use MarginNote, but I can live with that given its power.

TWITTER: @JakeBernsteinWA

  1. iPad Pro 9.7inch, iPhone X, Macbook Pro 2016 w/ Touchbar

  2. Project Manager/MBA Student

  3. OmniFocus, OmniPlan, MarginNote Pro/3, OmniOutliner, iThoughts, DEVONthink Pro, Spark, Ulysses, Scrivener, Word

  4. I like that it is more seamless to switch between the different views (e.g. from document to mindmap). The new interface is also more flexible than the old one, which is great. It seems very adaptable to a larger screen, so I am looking forward to using the MacOS version on a 27in monitor.

The MindMap has been significantly improved, and the Framework organisation is especially welcome. However, due to the significant improvements to the MindMap, I feel the Outline has less emphasis in MarginNote 3. Also, having two modes for the Outline is rather awkward (View and Edit) - I’m not sure why the Outline cannot be edited when it is not expanded.

I also think that the process of making notes could be more streamlined - especially when it comes to giving a title to a note. It should be possible to select some text and have that become the title for the currently selected note.

  1. Mac Mini 10.13.6 High Sierra
  2. Major/Working filed. Education University
  3. Margin Note, Evernote, Curio
  4. Which sections do you like/dislike MarginNote 3 the most. I like everything.

1.- Mauricio
2.-Device info. iPhone 7, MiniPad 2, and MacBook 2010.
3.- Major/Working filed. Master Student.
4.- Most used apps. PDF Expert, OmniOutliner and MarginNote Pro/2.
5.-Which sections do you like/dislike MarginNote 3 the most. Like most: the outline and the mindmap.

Thank you

  1. iPhone 7+, iPad Pro 10.5, Mac Pro, Macbook Pro, iMac 2017, Macbook

  2. Screenwriter

  3. PDF Pen Pro, Highlights, Flexcil, Notability, Weekend Read, Devonthink Pro, Anki, Ulysses, Highland 2, Slugline

  4. I like the Document panel most – I’ve found it to be the most effective PDF markup app I’ve ever used, and I love how easy it is to manipulate my annotations.

I dislike the Study Panel most because I find it to be the most unintuitive. I still like it just fine – but I do find myself working more slowly in that area.

EDIT: I am user willmckim on Twitter, I emailed from my work email ( xxxxxxxxx@wp-a.com) a few days back as well requesting info on whether MN2 owners would get a discount on MN3 (trying to figure out if it’s worth it to buy MN2 now so I can use it till 3 comes out, or just wait for 3).

Happy to provide further information, but would prefer not to type out my full email if not absolutely necessary.

Monring ,

1.- Device info. iPhone X, iPad Pro(10.5 2017), and MacBook pro 2018 with touchbar.
2.- Major/Working filed. Engineer of computer.
3.- Most used apps. PDF Expert and MarginNote Pro/3 for ios, Omnifocus 2, DEVONthink office pro.
4.- Which sections do you like/dislike MarginNote 3 the most.
Like most: the mindmap&sign function.
I really like this app because it makes it easy to mark text. If you can support touchbar on mac, it will be even better.

Thank you

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  1. Leo/Alibaba Inc.,and my twitter id is @Leo_c_t which asked your official account when will the Mac version of MN3 be released a few days ago;
  2. MBP 15’, iPhone X, iPad Pro 10.5;
  3. Programmer in distributed systems;
  4. GoodNotes, MN2 for now(Mac and iOS versions), OmniFocus.
  5. The feature that I can use my Apple Pencil to write notes anywhere on the PDF is awesome, and it is much more convenient and handy than MN2.

Now I still majorly use the MN2 because I often read PDFs on my Mac and the notes are not compatible between MN2 and MN3. I’m really looking forward to have a beta version. Thank you.

Hi, Leo, if you’re Chinese, you could post on Chinese forum: cforum.marginnote.com.