Desperate for Help with Deletion


I have been using Marginnote 3 for research, and spent many hours creating a mindmap of excerpts. I wanted to take a large part of my map, and turn it into a child mindmap. I made a child map, dragged the piece of my tree into it, and it went. Good!

I then wanted to delete the piece of the tree from the main mindmap (the point was to reduce clutter by putting it into the child mindmap, after all). When I deleted it, the version in the child mindmap was deleted as well. Obviously, this was not what I wanted, so I went to hit “undo”. My finger missed, and I hit the arrow that brings you back into your collections of notebooks. When I re-entered my notebook, “undo” was greyed out.

Surely all of my work is not lost forever? There must be some way to undo this. No, I have not been performing regular backups or anything like that. Can anyone help?


See this:

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Support Team