Easier and Faster hashtags just like emphasised words 🚀

Continuing the discussion from Tag OPTIMIZATION:

For creating easy and faster hashtags more and more;
The users should click and make the hashtag the words within the cards
Just like emphasise mode
(And we should do on mind map cards too);

Because as you experience; lots of hashtag words are within the cards. And users now have to write/or copy everytime they want to make hashtags. And this is willpower consumer process.

Thank you for considering

I see, maybe a feature like “highlight and sync to card title”, I’ll report back to the development department.

Titles are very important of course. I agree that. But as we talked about before there are so many hashtag oriented users who loves to use MarginNote.

MarginNote is study oriented app but I really really really want to see this app as a “note taking” app too. Because the apps like”Notion” and “evernote” others are just build on hashtag systems. And they are very popular now.
Maybe it’s sounds crazy but if you can make this update, this app will be very compatible with “note taking” because with only hashtags the users could build enormous connections and unseen mind maps.