Everyone: Before New update 🚦

Hey @everyone, before new update, could you please write the one of “must have” of your request under this post.

So we can give summerized portrait to @admin about what we Really want.

Thank you for supporting.

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Mine is: recall mode directly on mind map.


iCloud sync that actually works + other syncing platforms.


To have all the changes made to my PDFs saved back on the original PDFs, like LiquidText offers.

All my eBooks are in a library in my cloud storage, and I import them into MarginNote 3 for studying - that creates duplicates, which I don’t want - I want MarginNote 3 to save its work back on the PDFs of my library, so that I only ever have one copy of each eBook.


  1. Tab system in Docu mode
    Tab(multiple open docu) in Docu mode

  2. Hovering Recall mode
    Hovering with recall mode

  3. Contents(outline) should show current page related items
    Contents(outline) should show current page related items

  4. Export mindmap as picture to anki(.apkg)
    Export mindmap as picture to anki(.apkg)


I’ve said previously on this forum that the way in which MN treats pdfs (specifically export / saving of highlights) is a dealbreaker for me. It’s not that it doesn’t play well with other applications - it doesn’t play at all. Until this is fixed I’m telling everyone and anyone I know to steer clear of it.

I would like some improvement to the file system that incorporates a hierarchical arrangement when choosing files to add to a study- at the present (AFAIK) all the files are displayed alphabetically in the manage window. If I have 30-40 reference files and other scanned material, it becomes unmanageable. If the files for more than one study are present it’s almost unuseable. Displaying some file information, type, location, size, date would also be helpful.

Love the program.

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