Folders not syncing & functioning


I’ve been having many problems with Folders lately. For one thing, the MN Folders I’ve set up are not syncing between the Mac and iOS platforms.

Also, I am unable to access documents in my folders within my iOS MN app. When I try to do so, I get the following image, that depicts lack of functionality…

Hope you guys can fix it… Thanks!



New user and I’m having this problem too - very frustrating!!

I’ve set up folders containing PDFs on my Mac, but can’t get them to download to my iPad!!



Yeah, it’s still not working for me, either. Looks like MN came out with another update, but so far it hasn’t fixed the problem (for me, anyway).


Has this been fixed yet? I am having the same problem… just paid 65 dollars and cant open anything on my primary computer.



Sadly, no. I’ve repeatedly alerted MarginNote support about problems I’ve had with syncing and accessing folders, the contents of folders, and even syncing files. I honestly don’t know know what they’re doing with my inquiries, and it’s a bit worrisome. Like you, I’m getting anxious about relying on an application that has technical problems that prevent me from syncing and accessing files and folders, and sparse communication about what they’re doing. I’ve been a big fan advocate of MarginNote for a while, but this is a serious problem that they need to address.


I AM seeing this work Mac>IOS. I make a folder on the mac MN, move a couple of pdfs to it. About a minute later I see activity (on the cloud sync popup within the … bottom left on the MN Mac window). Next I see everything appear on the IOS app. My issue is that I have issues with the reverse direction. If I add a pdf in the IOS app, I have to turn on sync within the document settings for it to move to the Mac. V3.1.10 on the mac, and iPad.


@chrisduke – I’m seeing the same behavior.


That sounds about right. I have no idea if MN is working on fixing it.


Anyone know if MN has attempted to fix this? Have they contacted anyone about the status of this issue and if / what they’re doing to repair it?


I found MN this week. I love it… Except on iPhone… Sync works perfectly between Mac and iPad but only the maps, not the documents are synced to my iPhone… Strange


It’s was fixed in last versions! Upgrade app on mac and iphone.


I just updated and installed the latest versions, and I’m sorry to say the the problems persist. So, they still haven’t fixed it, and MarginNote’s tech support still hasn’t provided me with any indication of if / when they will.


Was having the same problems - just restarted iPad then went in and did manual sync on the mindmap closed, opened Margin Note on Mac and did manual sync and at seemed to work… will need to check if it is keeping in sync.

Worrying though that this seems to be going on for a long time and no word from support… I love this programme but I need it to be stable. I can’t afford to put in loads of work and then lose it!!


You’ve articulated every one of my concerns about MarginNote. Like you, I love the product and desperately want it to succeed. But I’m worried about losing document and/or annotations through the sync problems. Like you, I’ve contacted MarginNote support about this repeatedly, but they haven’t responded to me. I’m at a loss about what to do.