Swipe gesture

  • In the studying module → enter the notebook → open the brain map interface → click the list icon in the upper left corner

  • → Click the “Edit” icon in the lower right corner of the outline list → Click the “↤⋂↦” icon below the list → Open the outline indent gesture, you can slide the card left and right to change the outline level

Zoom gesture

  • The outline has two display modes: compact and detailed;

  • In compact mode, the outline shows only the title, which is suitable for browsing and editing the outline structure

  • In the detailed mode, it is suitable to view and edit specific content. If you want to switch the outline display mode quickly, you can use the Pinch gesture (two-finger pinch and zoom gesture).

The second way: enter the outline list, click the leftmost icon at the bottom (not available in outline edit mode, you must exit the edit mode) → zoom

Please I have an urgent question about the outliner.

Recently I was able to move a card to a new position both up and down using the apple pencil 1 gen and ipad pro as now I can only move horizontally by changing only the hierarchy. I would like to organize the cards through the outline

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