#WIKI# Table of Contents & Wiki-Editor-Group Guide and Proposal

Community-powered Wiki

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The difference between MarginNote 2 Pro & 3, License agreement, Maintenance policy, User rights


Supported file formats

Getting files from…

Downloading a web page as a PDF

Migrating data from MarginNote 2 to MarginNote 3


Exporting a document

Exporting a backup

Exporting a Mind Map

Exporting cards to Anki

Exporting cards to Anki selectively

File management & Reading options

:card_index_dividers:File management

Arranging files

Managing files with labels

Managing files with folders

Relationship between file, notebook and Mindmap Notebook

:open_book:Reading options

Viewing Contents, thumbnails and bookmarks

Managing bookmarks

Reading progress line of Epubs

Study Module

:bookmark_tabs:Split view (only available under the learning module)
Split view

Resizing split view

Dragging a tab to enable split view

:memo:Mindmap Notebook

About Mindmap Notebook

Creating a Mindmap Notebook

Merging Mindmap Notebooks

Adding files to a Mindmap Notebook

PDF Editing


Global search

Searching in current Mindmap Notebook

Filtering search results


About jump key

Recovering files in a Mindmap Notebook

Swapping window sides

Review Module

Adding cards to decks

Features in the review module

Recalculating time

Exporting card decks to Anki

Exporting card decks to Anki selectively

Excerpting & Annotating


About excerpt

Excerpting tools

Excerpting the same content

Excerpting across lines

Formats of excerpts

Excerpting with the hand-shape tool

Apple Pencil


About annotation

Annotation tools

Moving writing notes

Color setting

Drawing straight line

Fitting text in the text box


Emphasize mode

Recall mode


Excerpting and annotating on ePubs

Video Annotating


About Video module

Features in video module

Supported video formats

Importing video files


Capturing pictures from videos

Playing videos in review module

Exporting video cards to Anki

Playing speed of video excerpts

OCR the screenshots



Importing TOC as mindmap cards


Merging MindMap cards

Exporting a MindMap

Unadded Excerpts

Focus mode

Changing MindMap layout

Adding MindMap cards

Adding MindMap cards automatically

Auto-grouping cards by Table of Contents

Adding cards to a target position

Displaying cards titles only

Floating cards

Auto-locating mindmap location

Resizing cards




Editing the outline



About Card

Adding card titles

Word limit on the title

:chains:Card editing

Sliding left and right to view cards

Merging cards

Reordering after merging

Linking the cards

:label:Card label

Adding a card label

Deleting a card label

Renaming a card label

Searching and viewing all notes under a certain label
:black_joker:Card content editing

Adding annotations to card comments

Adding recordings to card comments

Adding pictures to card comments

Changing formats of card comments

Editing card comments

Exiting the card edit box

Searching for card comments

:black_joker:Card review

Adding cards to the deck

Card features in review module


Changing research browser

Special case of browsers

Locking research

Setting up Custom URL


Auto correcting “???”

Auto correcting excerpt text

OCR speed

Setting up auto OCR

Using OCR to add card titles and comments

Supported recognition languages


About sync

Syncing on multiple devices


Saving in historical archives

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Why do we want you to join the wiki group editing program

You can get other people’s ideas

Here you can get the ideas of many people who share the same interests with you. Their different opinions on the problems may help you to have more rich thinking

You can share your ideas

The person who writes wiki is a kind of dedication, seeing that everyone is free and quick to find the data and information they want, and describing the truth in a fair manner as much as possible to help everyone better solve the problem. And I participated in the process myself. This is the satisfaction of Wiki

Reduce learning costs from the perspective of users

Compared with the official written instruction documents, the wiki that users participate in editing can be viewed more from the perspective of users, so that it can be better read and understood by users

Improve efficiency and support

More people participate in Wiki writing, which can improve the frequency, breadth and depth of its updates, and serve users more efficiently

How to join a wiki group?

Click the menu in the title bar on any page of the Forum

Then click Groups


Select the group to join and send the request

You could click here to apply for joining wiki group

How to start wiki writing?

By default, new users at Trust Level 0 can not edit wiki posts. They will see only a green pencil icon at the top right of the wiki posts.


When users are able to edit the wiki posts, in addition to the pencil, they will notice that the Reply button has been de-emphasised in favor of the Edit button


Clicking on the pencil produces no effect unless the post has been modified.In this case, the number of changes made since the creation of the wiki will also appear


clicking that icon, a user not enabled to create wiki posts will be able to see the revisions that have been made to the post:


a user enabled to create wiki posts will also see the Edit Wiki buttons:


What should be edited

  • If you see that existing instructions have misused words or grammatical problems in expression, you can correct them

  • If you find that the existing instructions are not accurate enough or can be described better, you can improve them

  • If you find something missing from the existing instructions, you can supplement them

References reading

A Wiki is a good idea. To attract contributors, though, it would help if we could see the existing content without joining. From your post, it’s not clear to me how to do that.

Next, I would suggest creating a number of empty topics for (1) the concepts used by MN (e.g., notecards, mind-maps, etc.), (2) topics covering the basic tasks of note-taking, inter-operating with other applications (e.g., “Sharing Notes with TinderBox”), etc., and perhaps (3) some common workflows for academic research. Contributors can then add/edit the content of these topics. You could start the content of many of the topics by copying/pasting the existing MN documentation.

The topic titles should be chosen carefully, and should make sense in standard English. I.e., concept topic titles are typically nouns, while task topic titles are usually gerund phrases (e.g., “Exporting Notes”).

If you want to post an outline here first, I can quickly review it for you. (FWIW, I have several decades of experience as a technical writer in the software business.)

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First of all, I’m sorry that I didn’t reply you in time!
As you said, users do not need to join the group to view relevant content, but only group members can edit wikis. The specific editing methods are described above.
At present, we have produced a batch of content. You can click here to view it. The new content will be planned to be produced later.
At last, I sincerely apologize to you again. Our negligence has brought you a bad experience.

Some general observations on the Wiki: this is a good start, but there are a number of things that need to be cleaned up. Mostly, the instructions I have read are unclear. There are many problems with non-standard and confusing usage of English.

(1) I started trying to edit the Wiki and immediately found there is some limit imposed on topic titles. Evidently, these titles must be at least 15 characters. Sorry, but this is stupid. A topic title like “Overview” is perfectly acceptable in software documentation. Your readers’ time is expensive – don’t ask them to read more text than necessary. If you want any serious community input, I strongly suggest you fix this immediately.

(2) Next, as I mentioned before on this thread, a task is an activity so task titles should be gerunds, i.e., you should have a topic entitled “Importing”, not “Import”.

(3) Next, I see many pages on the Wiki with titles including the word “issues”. In common English, “issues” now means “problems”, so all of these titles literally mean that MarginNote has many known problems. You should rename all of these pages to something more precise.

(3) Next, many page titles are questions. Questions are the language of a FAQ, not software documentation. All of these should be renamed to statements, not questions. I.e., " Q2 How can MarginNote3 import different types of documents?" should be renamed to “Importing Different Types of Documents”. So, get rid of all the question numbers (e.g., “Q2”) and make them statements.

(4) Next, on that page, Q2 How can MarginNote3 import different types of documents?, menu picks and UI elements should generally be emphasized in bold (e.g., the Share menu). This is for clarity and ease of understanding.

(5) Next, I find many arrow characters (→) used through the Wiki pages to indicate steps. This is confusing and not standard for technical documentation. The arrow character is normally used only for sub-menu items (e.g., ImportAdd Documents from Files). If you want to indicate steps, use words like “Next”, “Then”, etc., or use numbers.

(6) Also, I would not put the version number of the application in the topic titles on the Wiki (e.g., “MarginNote3”). This is simply bad planning. What happens when MarginNote 4 is releated? Are you going to edit every single one of these Wiki pages?

(7) Next, for clarity, you should use the infinitive form of verbs that are directions to users. I.e., instead of “Add a document…”, you should write “To add a document…”.

(8) Next, including phrases like “follow the instructions” in front of an animated GIF is not adequate. You should explain the steps clearly in English. An animated GIF is not a set of instructions.

Ultimately, it is your responsibility as the software provider to explain the app’s operation clearly. Users/contributors cannot be expected to guess how all of these features work, and then document this in the Wiki.


Thanks very much for your patience and preciseness.
I‘m handling this list with my colleagues. Later give you a response.


Hello mobo,

This is Kevin from MarginNote support team. As per your suggestions, most of them have now been fixed:

(1) The character limit in titles is removed.

(2) (3) Titles are now fixed.

(4) They are indeed in bold in the Chinese documents, but are unfourtunately left out in translation and are being fixed.

(5) (7) We have begun to fix them.

(8) On most pages, I believe we do have the steps listed out before the animation (though sometimes not so clearly). Still, we will check again to make sure.

About (6) and your final concern:

You are right it’s our responsibility to provide a comprehensive manual to the users. But now, we are in a shortage of translators and support staff. Thus, we would like to provide an unofficial user guide, and that is what we intent the wiki to be. It is now being translated, by our staff in their off time, from the Chinese FAQ. We hope it could be at least somewhat helpful.

The official user manual is under compilation, and we expect completion in 6 month. It will include detailed instructions and video tutorials. The Chinese version will be written by us, and other languages will be professionally translated.

We welcome the power users to participate in the wiki, and give us corrections and suggestions. We will learn from you, to make a better manual, and a better MarginNote.

Again, thank you very much for your time.