🏙 Here is How to work with ONLY mind map in 5 steps

This scenario for the ones:
who don’t want to work half mind map half document screen⛳️
who want see every annotation within the context, not the outside of it.:jigsaw:
who doesn’t have a big screen to work with multitasking :tent:
who thinks separated annotations does negative effects on productivity as the research shows :face_with_monocle:

These scenario may be solution for you…

Here is how to work only on mind map in 5 steps:

  1. capture every page with section names. (Even if it may seem take a lot of time, you ll get adapted and that worth ıt.) (and maybe in the future there will be a speciality that makes easier that process -thumbnails to mind map-)

  1. Change the colour to whıte to screen information softy (especially for frameworks) whıle titles are different colour.

  1. In mind map, make arrangements to titles

  1. Make all of them to frameworks to see them tidy

  1. Then its ready to work

So here are wishing lists we ve already requested to make this scenario more usable (No little progress anything :expressionless:)




Thanks a lot for your workflow. Wonderful!

We are aware that our mindmap system has some issues now and are working on some solutions. We will add some very handy features in our next release (3.7), stay tuned!

Thanks again!

Have a nice day:-)


Kind Regards,
Support Team


Hey thank you for replying but where is @Edward_Support-Team. ?
Generally he replies my boring stuff :smiley::smiley:

After handwriting update for mind maps, I highly recommend working with only mind map.

Example video


Do you have youtube channel that shares video how you use MT?

No, do u think it helps for MN team awakes ? :upside_down_face::smiley:

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They didn’t care about my request feature!